Thoughts on the where and how of gathering inspiration.

Ahh, the age old question…Where does one find inspiration? Better still, one might ask themselves whether or not to wait around for inspiration to appear or to just, create? As someone who has delved heavily into the realm of personality typology, a small part of me wants to tell you that whether you create art spontaneously or deliberately, will depend on your individual personality. However, I truly believe we are more often than not subconsciously inspired by something at all times. So, often, the best way to create something is to do just that: create. How? Just begin. I find that the ‘flow’ and ideas tends to align and multiply once you become entrenched in what you are doing.

Recently, my mum received a bouquet of flowers for her birthday.

Without being overtly aware of it, I was drawn to the beauty of the flowers and just felt an urge to combine my passion for fashion illustration with my interest in the colours and shapes of the flowers. I imagined how I could transform certain flowers into fashion garments, to be draped on a body, and took to pencil and paper to replicate what I had visualised, as best as possible.

I think it’s important to take note of those words: “as best as possible”, or “to the best of my ability.” The truth is, we are always still learning, and sometimes what we envision may never translate onto paper in an exact way. It’s all too easy to procrastinate doing what we love because we don’t feel we are good enough. This is prohibitive and harmful to the self.”The truth is, we are always still learning”

What kind of things are you inspired to create? Is there anything in particular you draw inspiration from?

Please feel free to share your thoughts with myself and other creatives in the comments below!



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