NGC Illustrations’ Favourite Art Tools…

In the age of digital everything…no one still uses good old fashioned art supplies, right? Wrong! I do. I’m quite aware of the increase in artists using iPads and tablets with cool apps such as Procreate, and I kind of wish I could say I am an expert of both the digital and hand-crafting realms, but alas, not yet!

My favourite tools by far are Copic Markers. They are high quality, alcohol-based, blendable markers which look seamless when used correctly. I use these Japanese markers for almost all my fashion illustrations, occasionally mixing it up with other art mediums such as watercolour or acrylic paints. I also use copic multiliners in various sizes, with a tiny nib of 0.03 and 0.05 being perfect for small details on facial features such as eyelashes. I sometimes use coloured pencils for more textured areas such as hair, or a white pencil or gel pen to create highlights, for instance. I also prefer to use a light lead pacer (clicky) pencil rather than a regular sharpening pencil, as the lines are more consistent in width and boldness.

My Copic collection so far, including: Copic Sketch, Ciao and Original Markers and multi-liners

I absolutely love the X-Press It blending card in conjunction with the Copic products. This card is incredibly high quality and is specifically designed to be able to blend markers effectively. The ‘X-press it’ card is available in a range of sizes and is also acid free and archival, meaning it will last a veeeeery long time – making it the ideal paper for clients to frame and treasure for a lifetime!

Maybe one day I’ll ease my way into the world of digital drawing, but for now, I find putting a real pen to paper really fulfilling, meditative even. There is something to be said about being able to see the ink escaping the nib of the marker and observing its colour transport onto the paper. I also love the feeling of the textures, and the sense of control when hand-drawing.

Have you tried copic markers before? Which tools do you like to create with? Leave your recommendations in the comments below,



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