My Trip to New York City with My Illustrated Friend, ‘Miss Liberty’

All photos taken by the author: Nicole Candeloro

Hey Y’all!

So after spending about 3 months in “the Peach state” of Georgia in Southern USA, I’ve finally trekked over to “the Big Apple” – New York City. Otherwise known as “the city that never sleeps”, although I sure proved them wrong (because I slept there, hehe!)

Not so Sleepless in Seattle! (Myself in hotel room in Manhattan).

I stayed in a Pod hotel in Manhattan and saw the places and did the things you’re meant to in NYC. Including: visiting the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art, Upper West Side, eating at Zabar’s, taking subways, eating New York pizzas and sandwiches, seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, seeing the oh so colourful and busy Times Square, walking through Central Park and shopping in Fifth Avenue, the fashion street. My good friend ‘Miss Liberty’ shared all these experiences with me, sporting an apple pinafore which I designed just for her.

This (and more) was all squeezed into a few days, so it’s safe to say my feet hurt after all that! I even travelled on a ferry during the night, to see the Statue of Liberty up close, from the perspective of a true New Yorker just travelling by (without going on a pricey sightseeing tour).

I’ve heard it’s very expensive to live in the “Big Apple”, with people working up to 60 or 80 hours a week. It’s no wonder many of the people would do anything to make a buck, with people dressed in heavy costumes in Times Square, on the hottest of days, to pinch a penny from tourists wanting photo opportunities with them.

In that way, I feel I was blessed to have visited rather than live there. What is the point in working so hard to live in an amazing city that’s always bustling if you never get to join in on the fun because you’re always working? It’s ironic, isn’t it? One thing is for sure, I would definitely visit this exciting, multi-faceted city again.

Myself and ‘Miss Liberty’ outside the Chelsea Markets, NYC

Next on the bucket list: Europe.

Have you been to NYC or anywhere in the USA? Do you live there? Where would you like to see one of my illustrations visit next? Leave your thoughts or ideas in the comments below!

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